Learn how to sell your Amazon FBA business for millions of dollars.

Our video course helps Amazon Sellers turn their business into an attractive target for acquisition.

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We're two friends who built and sold an Amazon FBA business for millions of dollars.

The outcome was life-changing, but the process was one of the most stressful times of our lives.

This shouldn’t have been a surprise – it was our first time selling a company so we didn't have any experience. And we were up against M&A experts who work on dozens of transactions each year.

We made some mistakes, but successfully closed the deal.
And we learned a lot along the way.

We’ve now sharing the unbiased, hard-earned knowledge we gained to help Amazon Sellers turn their businesses into $1M+ targets for acquisition.

👉 about the course
Oliver Stevens
Founder | Operations
David Turnbull
Partner | Marketing & Growth

Who is this course for?

Owners of profitable Amazon FBA businesses who are thinking about selling their company, and want to maximise the return on all their hard work.

  • You own a profitable Amazon FBA business products under your own brands (not drop shipping or arbitraging).

  • You're thinking about selling your business to a private seller, broker, marketplace or aggregator within the next year or so.

  • This course is not designed to help you start an FBA business or optimize product listings. Our goal is to help people running strong FBA businesses to have a successful "exit".

Your unbiased guides through the sale process.

Most "How to sell your FBA Business" content has been created by the aggregators and company buyers – the other side of the deal. Their guides are helpful, but not exactly unbiased. You can't expect the people who are looking to buy your business to go out of their way to strengthen your selling position.

But what about the brokers, lawyers and others on your side? The truth is, they simply aren’t that invested in the deal. You’ve spent years getting to this point, but it’s probably just one of many transactions they are working on. They usually haven't sold their own business before so they don't truly understand the kind of questions you have or support you need.

We've designed this course to provide you with the independent information and support we wish we had while we were selling our company. We cover the entire sales process, outlining the strategies and tactics we used along the way to ultimately sell for millions of dollars.

By arming yourself with this knowledge you can make sure you are fully prepared when the time comes to sell your Amazon business. You'll be able to keep your stress levels under control and increase your company's value by tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The FBA business is tough, but a life-changing outcome can still be within your reach.

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