Your dream Amazon FBA exit requires preparation – and we can help.

Building a successful Amazon FBA business is hard work. The Instagram gurus and “Start an FBA over the weekend” courses make it seem simple but any business owner that’s reading this knows the truth about what it takes to succeed.

As you scale your business into hundreds of thousands and then millions in revenue the job gets even harder. You have more SKUs and suppliers to juggle, issues with Amazon and their lovely support teams, and the ever increasing difficulties trying to manage cash flow for a growing retail business. Your company may be smashing all of its growth targets and probably looks great on paper, but the day-to-day grind can still gets to you.

Dreaming of an Exit

It's only natural to start dreaming about the end game – exiting FBA. Sell the company and walk off into the sunset. But it’s not that simple. You’ve put so much time, effort and money into growing your business, you obviously want to get the best return for it when it comes time to sell. That will take preparation.

You could, and should, read the free guides to selling FBA businesses that are available. Most of these have been made by brokers and aggregators and they contain some valuable information. But brokers and aggregators are not disinterested parties in a sale – they are presenting information from the side of a buyer or service provider. They have goals for their companies and they don’t always line up with you getting the maximum price for your business.


There are steps you can take to prepare your business before selling, and these can easily add hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to your final sale price. Preparation also increases the chances that the sale actually makes it through to completion, which is a far better outcome than devoting months of time and tens of thousands of dollars on a sale that falls apart at the last minute.

But as I’ve just explained, it’s not in the buyer’s interest to strengthen your selling position so you’re unlikely to learn what you need from their content alone. So what can you do?

Well, that’s where we step in.

Oliver and I built and sold our Amazon FBA business for millions of dollars. It was a dream outcome, but not exactly a stress-free process. With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that there were many things we could have done differently to smooth the sale, and increase the amount of money that ultimately ended up in our bank accounts.

Five Star Exit

We can’t go back and redo our sale, but we also don’t want our hard-earned experience to go to waste. We’ve decided to create a course where we share everything we learned to help more Amazon Sellers achieve their own life changing exits from Amazon FBA.

Our comprehensive video course covers the entire company sale process, from thinking about whether to sell to what you should do once you’ve signed the on the dotted line (or more realistically, applied your digital signature to a PDF).

We answer all the key questions we had during our sale, and offer tips and tactics on important areas like raising the value of your business and navigating the due diligence process. By the end of the course you’ll know enough about the sale process to help balance the scales between you and your potential company buyers.

The course is now available, and when you sign up you’ll also get access to our private group – a confidential space where you are free to ask us questions, seek advice or get feedback on the road to your own five star exit.

Thank you for purchasing! We hope you love our course.

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